Jack Klink was born and raised in a small, but to him, very special city: Lafayette, Indiana. Since childhood, Klink has been crafting visual stories through film. Jack began his freelance business as a freshman in high school garnering a head start on a robust and ever-evolving career in video production.

Jack has worked with a variety of businesses, non-profits, and government organizations to showcase their brands and/or products with a humble, loyal, and trustworthy attitude that keeps them coming back—even since Klink’s move to LA. To Jack, each new client’s project is an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve upon the last culminating in an unmatched cinematic quality and attention to detail.

In 2013, Klink directed the public education documentary Rise Above the Mark, narrated by actor and Ken Burns documetnary narrator, Peter Coyote. The film garnered national attention from educators to call out Indiana legislators and push for support of public education.

In 2016, Jack moved to Los Angeles where he continues to operate his production bussiness. Klink has directed multiple narrative short films that screened at film festivals across the US. Jack has also worked as an experiecned cinematographer for others' projects. Klink is currently working on a documentary about musician Tom Kelly who wrote many top hit 80s songs like True Colors and Like a Virgin. Currently, Jack is developing a new documentary and another short film.

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